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Romancing the Homes of San Miguel!

House & Gardenby Gregory Gunter

You’ve got to hand it to Amy, the blogger behind Romancing the Home, for her creativity in creating a blog site name.  Who wouldn’t want a playful reminder of the old Kathleen Turner movie Romancing the Stone, where Kathleen chases a much younger Michael Douglas around the jungle in a short skirt..?

But I digress…

Amy’s visiting San Miguel de Allende this month, and her photo-heavy blog is focusing on the good life in San Miguel, in this case the doors & windows that “romance the homes” of San Miguel.  Amy posts several dozen photos–be patient, they’ll load eventually!–of her favorites, then goes on to post some of the magazine-published homes, like the one pictured here.

All we can say, Amy, is you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Coldwell Banker SMART offers our clients the largest portfolio of gorgeous, magazine-worthy homes imaginable.  Casa Arbol, for instance, is magazine published, thanks to renowned architect Alan Wilkerson.  Casa de Fuente garners equal attention, as much for its interior design as for the astounding long-distance views from every room.

We’ve equally dramatic countryside homes, too, Amy!  Like horses, or bullfighting?  Rancho Encantado proves the most photogenic equestrian ranch you’ll see.  Casa Magdalena, nestled adjacent to a beautiful vineyard, boasts terraces and courtyards worthy of a pinot noir happy hour.  And Casa de las Aguilas, the highest elevation home in all San Miguel atop Santa Matilde, boasts hot-air-balloon vistas from charming Moroccan architecture.

Want some romance, Amy?  We’ve got a whole portfolio just awaiting a romantic homeowner!