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Cupcakes & Crab Legs in San Miguel!

Chocolate and raspberry cupcakesby Gregory Gunter

Blogger, inveterate traveler and Chicago gourmand Susan York has caught your author’s eye more than once when her posts about San Miguel de Allende pop up on my daily Google Alerts.  And now, like Britney Spears, ‘oops, she’s done it again!

Susan’s blog post this week mentions her love of dining–as if you couldn’t tell from the name of her blog, Cupcakes & Crab Legs!–and she reviews some of her favorite restaurants among the 238 restaurants she claims are doing business in San Miguel.  Guess what, Susan, they are many of our favorites, too!

Susan posts foodie photos–and even a selfie, with her mystery husband hiding behind a Hansen’s menu–along with some tidbits about those places we all love, like newly-remodeled Dos Casas, La Mesa Grande (is Thursday still pizza night, Robin?), Siobahn & Joanna’s newly thriving Provecho, Rosewood’s 1826 and Luna (Susan, haven’t you tried their new Sushi bar yet?!), Karen’s Calenda Restaurant in the Hotel Nena, our favorite breakfast spot Lavanda, Hotel Sautto’s Bacco Restaurant, Salvador’s Los Milagros, Juan’s Ten Ten Pie (next door to the Centro office of Coldwell Banker SMART),and Enrique Olvera’s Moxi inside the Hotel Matilda.

Wow, Susan, we’re amazed you manage to keep from being the local spokesperson for Weight Watchers!  If you need another taster to tag along, we’ll volunteer!  Buen Provecho!