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Expat Blog: Mexico & Mañana

Expat Blogby Gregory Gunter

Web site Expat-Blog.com proves a great resource for non-natives–whether American, Canadian or European–looking to learn more about the experience of living in any foreign country.  But they allow members to choose their preferred destination so that they are better able to focus on the destination where they may become future expats.

Like Mexico!  And we know there are already over a million expats in Mexico now!

Within Mexico, Expat-Blog has regional membership choices and one of them is San Miguel de Allende.  And as a new feature, they have uploaded an interview with a local American expat who has lived here for five years, someone you might know.

In fact, it’s some you may know very well.  You can read his interview here, and learn more about living in San Miguel de Allende. The interviewee says (okay we admit, the interviewer paraphrased substantially) that “The mañana attitude is very much alive…” in San Miguel de Allende.  Be sure to read the interview and see what he means, then come on down and experience it for yourself!