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President Vicente Fox Attends San Miguel Gala!

Alice & Floyd Edwards, President & Mrs Fox (Medium)by Gregory Gunter

Local nonprofit Patronato Pro Niños (PPN)–providing health and dental care to children throughout San Miguel de Allende–raises funds throughout the year, with their biggest gala fundraiser being this last Friday’s “Mediterranean Magic” gala at the Hacienda de San Miguel.  Several hundred supporters–including your blogger, a previous Board member–attended the event unprepared to rub elbows with the esteemed guest of honor.  And that guest?

He was none other than Mexico’s 55th President, Vicente Fox, and his lovely wife Marta Sahagún.

President & Mrs. Fox attended the event unburdened by visible body guards–or paparazzi, other than your blogger!–and casually mingled with the crowd, with host and past PPN Board Member Floyd & Alice Edwards, shown here, making gracious introductions to several hundred attendees.

Curtsey or bow, we all wondered?  White gloves or double-fisted handshakes?  No matter, the Harvard-educated President Fox proved quite approachable and most unassuming, greeting visitors with stories of his nearby hacienda, San Francisco del Rincón, which the President provided as an auction prize for a weekend visit.

Nothing to do in San Miguel, you say?  When was the last time you rubbed elbows with that guy named Barack Obama?