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Yo Amo Mexicoby Gregory Gunter

Hey, they’ve already done the movie “10 Things I Hate About You,” right?  So why not a look on the bright side and focus on the things we love, especially when it’s about San Miguel de Allende?

That’s exactly what Huffington Post blogger Dr. Irene Levine did with her post “10 Reasons Why People Fall in Love with San Miguel de Allende.

Irene says it’s the history, architecture, eclectic shops, cultural mix, food & dining, rooftops, art, walkability, jacaranda trees, and dramatic sunrises & sunsets.  Whew, that’s quite a list, Irene, but in truth, that’s probably only 1/10th of the reason we already fell in love with San Miguel…and have been living as an expat here for over five years.

Got more ideas?  Post them below and let us know your Top Reason for falling in love!